One Thing You Need on Your Wrist

supports overall health monitoring with your heart rate, stress level, activity level and sleep recording.
All data generated by DOFIT is used to provide personalized health care services in conjunction with mobile devices.

Record of Your Daily Activities

records your daily activities.
It records and stores your daily steps, walking patterns, calories burned, and heart rate.

While You Are Sleeping

does not stop even while you are sleeping.
It tracks your sleep time to assess your sleep status
and keeps measuring your heart and stress
during your sleep.

An Amazing Smart Band
for the Upmost Innovative Disease Care Services

It monitors your heart rate, stress level, sleeping pattern and daily activities to analyze your health status.
  • Steps
  • Calorie
  • Heart
  • Stress
  • Sleeping
  • Notifications
    of Calls & Texts

Step Counting

It will be with you on your commute,
light walks and even extreme runs.
DOFIT bands can measure many types of steps,
like walking, fast walking and running.
Check your walking patterns.

Calorie Consumption

It analyzes your walking style and
activities to determine your exact calorie consumption.
This calorie consumption is reset every day at midnight and
is stored until synced with the app.

Heart Rate Measurement

It measures and stores your heart rate
without you having to worry about it.
This heart rate information is used to create a personalized guide
through analysis of calorie consumption,
sleep and stress.

Stress Analysis

DOFIT analyzes and
reports your stress level through heart rate variability.
Manage your stress effectively using the various
content included in this app.

Sleep Analysis

It analyzes your REM sleep, deep sleep and sleep patterns.
Check your sleep efficiency level.
Also, try using a variety of content to help manage insomnia.

Call and Text

Whether it's a phone call or a text message,
it keeps you informed without missing anything.
  • Automatic

    All heath data collected through the band is automatically synced with the app once an hour.
  • Daily and Weekly
    Analysis Reports

    It provides daily reports on activity, stress and sleep data, as well as a two-week weekly assessment report.
  • Content Updates
    & Service Upgrades

    We ensure the best user experience through continuous performance improvements and bug fixes.

We know how to improve your health.

We have developed this service in collaboration with domestic and international
medical staff and medical clinical experts to promote your wellness.

DOFIT Specifications

Connection Bluetooth LE 4.2
Display Type OLED
Size 24.4mm (0.96 inch)
Resolution 128×64
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, HR Sensor
Appearance Specification Size 52×19.8×112mm
Weight 36g
Battery Standard Battery Capacity 95mAh
Average Usage Time 3~4 days
Operating temperature -10~55℃
Dustproof Waterproof Grade IP65
Basic Information Device Name Specific low power wireless device
Manufacturer DASAN KYS Co., Ltd.
Distributor Medi Plus Solution Co., Ltd.
KC Certification Number MSIP-CRS-Mdp-NF-B20
Customer Service Medi Plus Solution Co., Ltd.
Telephone Number +82-2-3402-3390

Product Precautions

  1. The time the band and the app sync may differ depending on the app connected to the band.
  2. The format and details of the reports on the information collected may vary depending on the app associated with the band.
  3. The color of the product may look different depending on the monitor you use.
  4. The content of the app service may vary depending on the region where you purchased this band.
  5. App services may be changed or discontinued without prior notice.
  6. Battery time may vary depending on the charging status and the operating environment.
  7. Battery time may change as the measurement method is changed to best suite your environment.
  8. Images and functions of the actual product may differ from the advertising representation. And band specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.