For those who want to know
more about my health.

The smart band developed by Medi Plus Solution is a healthcare band that helps with the users’ health.

Precautions when using the band

  1. The dedicated app may not work properly on some smartphones.
  2. The proper operating temperature of this product is -10~55℃, and the proper storage temperature is -20~60℃.
    If the temperature goes out of the proper range, it may damage the product or shorten the battery life.
  3. If the parts of the product such as glass, acrylic, etc. are damaged or have problems with the product, do not disassemble it yourself, rather get instructions first through the customer service information call.
  4. This product supports daily waterproof and dustproof functions, but do not allow it to sink more than 30 minutes at a depth of 1.0m or more.
  5. If the product gets wet, wipe it with a soft and clean towel.
    If it comes in contact with a liquid other than water, immediately wipe it off with water and then with a towel.
    If it is not cleaned or wiped with clean water, it may cause problems with the product's performance or appearance.
  6. If the product is impacted, the waterproof/dustproof function may be damaged.
  7. If you don't use the product for a long time, charge it before storing, and if you charge it occasionally, you can use the battery for a long time.

Precautions for safety

  1. This product complies with international safety standards but may cause skin irritation or allergies to some users if worn for a long time.
    Stop using it if you find any symptoms.
  2. An accident may occur due to a fire or explosion.
  3. Be careful as the product and the charging cradle can be damaged by strong impact.
  4. Use only approved items for accessories.
    (This could cause explosion or product failure.)
  5. Be careful not to let metal objects come into contact with the connecting terminals of the charging cradle.
  6. Do not touch the product being charged and the charging cradle with wet hands.
  7. Watch out for infants or pets to not put them in their mouths.
  8. Do not poke eyes, mouth, ears or body with the product.
  9. Do not place the product in a high temperature environment or near fire.
    (Stove, microwave oven, heater, sauna, electric heating pad, inside the car in summer, etc.)
  10. Do not use the product if there is thunder or lightening outside.

Electromagnetic Device Information

  1. This device is suitable for household (Class B) electromagnetic wave, and it is mainly intended for use at home and can be used in all areas.
  2. Since radio wave interference is possible during operation of the wireless facility, services related to human safety are not available.
  3. The electromagnetic wave absorption rate (body) of the product was evaluated and decided appropriately at a distance of 1.0m.